Extra Power for cosmetic actives and improved UV protection

NCD Ingredients is now starting to commercialize high active and renowned cosmetic ingredients which show unique results regarding effectiveness, efficiency and stability due to a patent filed new Membrane-Lipid-Technology (non GMO). These active ingredient boosters will be marketed under the registered trademark CARRI-ACTIVE. They had been developed and scientifically proved by Sopharcos and are produced in Germany. As an example CARRI-ACTIVE Tocopherol show an 8 times higher anti-oxidative effect (compared to the non-encapsulated ingredient) together with long-term skin availability. And CARRI-ACTIVE Green Tea shows even a 14 times higher effect. Due to this improvement it’s now possible to develop stable personal care formulas without losing the activity of this sensitive ingredient.Another characteristic show CARRI-ACTIVE UV, which allows the use of an optimized ratio of Octocrylene and Avobenzone (2:1) through this new vesicle technology. Both a problem-free preparation of the filters and an improvement of the UV-protection itself are ensured. Moreover oil-free recipes are now possible