AMCOL and NCD Ingredients sign agreement

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AMCOL and NCD Ingredients sign agreement The U.S. company AMCOL transmits the distribution of all detergent raw materials to NCD Ingredients GmbH in Hanau. The sales area is Germany, Austria and Switzerland. AMCOL is the market leader for bentonite- based raw materials, colored speckles, new builder systems as cost effective alternatives to STPP and zeolites as well as surfactant granules on zeolite base. Another innovation is the optical brightener Quest PWA in granular form - a unique Blueing agent. The largest European production is located in the English Winsford (Manchester). AMCOL employs 2,400 people [...]

FERCHEM – Our new supplier

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FERCHEM - Our new supplier We are pleased to offer the products of our Italian supplier. Beside colored carbonate speckles FERCHEM provides special spray-dried blends under the trade name "BASE" for the washing and cleaning industry. For the production of the BASE types different raw materials, pre-mixed in a slurry, are spray-dried in a batch process to uniform, round and hollow particles with consistent stoichiometric composition. They are almost dust-free and characterized by a particularly good solubility. Currently there are 8 different BASE-types available. Interested in getting more detailed information? We are [...]

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