New product range Detergents available!

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New product range Detergents available! DOWNLOAD Learn more about our extensive portfolio in the field Detergents. New products this year: - APPYCLEAN 6505 C - SOPHOROLIPID - SILHA®MID FMCM - SILHA®MID FMCM Pulver - SILHA®TEC OP - SILHA®TEC OPX - CETALOL 55 M - Several new ethoxylated acohols from our partner PANZERI - Ethoxylated C12/C13 alcohols - Ethoxylated C12/C15 alcohols - Several cationic surfactants - Antifoams, Micro-, Macro- and Nanoemulsions from our partner SILITEX We're looking forward to receive your inquiry and send you further information like datasheets or samples! Contact our team [...]