New product range Cosmetics available!

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New product range Cosmetics available! DOWNLOAD Learn more about our extensive portfolio in the field Cosmetics. New products this year: - Avogelia NF von Variati - Natura-Tec MarineRevitalys HP - Natura-Tec Beeswax Substitute - Natura-Tec CristalSoft Wax - Natura-Tec Aby Oil- Refined - BlueVLite - Pollufence - Woresana buc-c - Woresana buc-f - SILHA®TEC OP - SILHA®TEC OPX - Halocare - Halorubin - Probiotic Minerals - DL GG - DL Goji Prebiotic - DL Lotus Floral Wax - DL Natural WP Complex We're looking forward to receive your inquiry and send you [...]

New pigments from Kuncai – AURORA Flamingo Pink

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New pigments from Kuncai - AURORA Flamingo Pink Synthetic Mica based Pigment with bright gloss effect, strong powder color and UV resistance property. It shows a mysterious flamingo pink mass tone with strong hiding power.Kuncai offers a wide range of colors with shimmering or sparkling iridescent effects. Based on different substrates, such as natural mica, synthetic mica and glass flakes:CosPearl - Aurora – BoroStarThis offers the opportunity to create countless combinations of innovative formulations, both for Color Cosmetics and Personal Care.Unique is Kuncai’s own manufacturing process of synthetic mica. The Aurora pigments are characterized [...]

ANTI-POLLUTION – Natural protection and assistance for pollution stressed skin

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ANTI-POLLUTION - Natural protection and assistance for pollution stressed skin What are the requirements on care products to protect our skin against increasingly harmful environmental conditions? Please read more about Anti-Pollution, effective ingredients and their effects on repare and reduction of skin damage in the new NCD Ingredients flyer. (only in german available)

Switzerland Special GOVA Ingredients

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Switzerland Special GOVA Ingredients Gosulin® IL Natural and safe replacement of volatile silicones Gosulin® IL is a vegetable based emollient made out of renewable natural sources such as sugar and coconut. Gosulin® IL has a superior volatile behavior, making it the ideal “improved” replacement for volatile silicones. Unlike silicones, Gosulin® IL is free from CMR, free from solvents, has no inhalation toxicity and respects our environment. Gosulin® IL is Ecocert-Cosmos approved. When a high amount of waxes or fatty alcohol is used, emulsions become white on the skin during application; especially natural [...]

VARI STAN PE – A Powerful anti-bacterial extract

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VARI STAN PE - A Powerful anti-bacterial extract DOWNLOAD Read our latest publication in Euro Cosmetics. Vari Stan PE - A Powerful Antibacterial Extract Derived from Garcinia Mangostana Fruit. Vari Stan PE gives the cosmetic products an antibacterial and soothing action. It can be easily incorporated into all kinds of formulations. Various types of formulations and product forms are possible, such as: Deodorants Acne prone skin products (gel, cream) After shave products After sun products After depilatory products Day care products

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