ANTIFOAMS & SPECIAL ADDITIVES – New supplier Silitex s.r.l

Silitex has been founded in 1995 and since has never ceased to develop itself, not just as water-based emulsion specialist manufacturer, but also and especially in terms of vision and approach to the world.

We are a chemical industry that offers solutions trying, meantime, to have a sustainable approach towards the environment and the people who inhabit it. This is testified by great attention placed about ecology in addition to ongoing technological improvement in our plant, with the aim to get ever more effective products while bearing in mind the human health.

Silitex Srl, thanks to own R&D laboratory, can offer not only also tailor-made products but actively investigates and develops new technologies for both new applications or existing ones improvement, allowing our customers to be always updated and advanced.

Our philosophy is that of a partnership with our customers, which turns into transparent wishes and objectives, addressed to institute a real win-win relationship linked to a shared growth.

Find out more about the comprehensive product range of our new partner in our brochure here. (Only in german available)